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Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture, Clarence Sears Kates, speech, agricultural credit, farmers


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Assistant Secretary of State to Clarence Sears Kates informing him of his inability to attend the anniversary meeting of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture that evening.


Francis Mairs Huntington Wilson


Clarence Sears Kates

Corresponds to:

Folder 2-5, Document 8


Washington, D.C.


February 27, 1913.

My dear Mr. Kates:

Herewith I enclose copies of hasty draft of what I had intended to say this evening at the meeting of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture. I am sending this on the possible chance that you will care to have it, although it has been my misfortune to be deprived of the honor and the pleasure of being present to address the Society in person. I cannot tell you how exceedingly sorry I am to fail you at the last moment. I hope you will accept and communicate my apologies and the expressions of my most sincere regret and will appreciate that just at this time and with the very important matters which are pending there was no way in which I could know until this morning that affairs would so shape themselves as to preclude the possibility of my going to Philadelphia. I wish you to know how very real I regret my misfortune and [to] believe me to be, with many acknowledgements and regards,

Yours very faithfully,

C. S. Kates, Esquire,
University Club,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Enclosures as stated.



Attached as a supplemental file is a draft of the speech supposed to be given by Huntington Wilson.



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Draft of Speech to the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture

Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Clarence Sears Kates, February 27, 1913



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