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Lawrence Yates Sherman, William Howard Taft, Springfield, Illinois, private secretaries


The document is a handwritten letter from Lawrence Yates Sherman to the Assistant Secretary of State regarding the President's visit to Springfield and a potential private secretary.


Lawrence Yates Sherman


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-13, Document 17


Springfield, IL


[Rec'd Nov 9 / 11]

Union League Club,


[Nov 7, 1911.]

[Dear Mr. Wilson:]

[Your letter was read on my return from an absence but not in time to write you so as to have it reach you. I was in doubt what to do and so decided to wait your coming the last of the week named.]

[Possibly you changed your plans.]

[I would have been glad to talk more with you along the lines we covered at Springfield. There is however but little to]

[add on the local conditions in this state. Except it is my observation that the President's visit here has helped him.]

[His earnest and straightforward attitude made a permanent impression.]

[It's too early to have returns from Massachusetts but if we come there it will help confirm the wisdom of the President's course as seen here.]

[No light appears on our muddled affairs in State politics. The former faction has openly warred on the]

[judicial ticket in this City election today.]

[I hope you will feel free to write me, or call on me for any service which you may wish.]

[On looking over a possible list of men available for private secretaries I can find none free whom I could recommend at this time.]

[Later possibly there is one I have in mind we might get if you do not secure a man.]

[If you are in Chicago in the future and wish to see me write me as far ahead as you can. I am here nearly every week and can easily arrange to meet you.]

[With my sincere good wishes]
[I am yours]

[Lawrence Y Sherman]

[Hon Huntington Wilson
Washington D. C.]



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Letter From Lawrence Yates Sherman to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, Nov 7, 1911



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