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Chandler P. Anderson, Theodore Elijah Burton, commercial fishing, Canada, Great Lakes, David Starr Jordan, Edward E. Prince, Louis-Philippe Brodeur


This is a typed letter from the Counsellor of the Department of State to Huntington Wilson regarding fishing regulations on the Canadian border


Chandler P. Anderson


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-13, Document 14


Washington, D.C.


Department of State.

Office of the Counsellor.

Jan. 16, 1911.

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Since receiving your memorandum on Saturday, I have had a conference with Senator Burton and have arranged to confer further with him in regard to the inland fisheries regulations, so that it will be unnecessary to write to him today.

It does not seem advisable at present to make any announcement to the newspaper men in regard to the present status of the matter. We are waiting for a report from Dr. Jordan, which is expected within a day or two, showing the results of his conferences with his colleague, Mr. Prince.

While Mr. Brodeur, the Canadian Minister of Marine and Fisheries, was here I conferred with him in regard to the objections which local interests have raised to several of these regulations, and I hope to be able to devise some plan for obviating them.



The document is stamped: "Assistant Secretary, Jan 16 1911."



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Letter From Chandler P. Anderson to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, January 16, 1911



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