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Alvey A. Adee

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Alvey A. Adee, William F. Sands, Republic of Guatemala, Frederick B. Jennings, Republic of Honduras, loan


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Assistant Secretary of State to William F. Sands regarding his assignment and financial suggestions to the Republic of Guatemala as envoy extraordinaire and minister plenipotentiary.


Alvey A. Adee


William F. Sands

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-8, Document 192


Washington, D.C.


September 4, 1909.

My dear Mr. Sands:

As Mr. Wilson will be out of the city for the next few days I take the liberty to acknowledge the receipt of your two notes to him of August 26th and 27th, with various enclosures regarding affairs in Guatemala.

I have given careful consideration to the information which is thus furnished the Department, and take this opportunity to thank you for placing the Department in possession of such important data. At this stage of the project it would seem that there is nothing for you to do but glean all the information you can so that on reaching your post you can intelligently study the situation and report its latest phases. As in other negotiations of this character, the Government of the United States is not a negotiating or contracting party in any way. It is merely concerned in bringing the foreign government and the American financial interests together to discuss terms. It is proper, of course, that in obtaining for American financiers full opportunity to deal with the foreign government the Department should be apprised of all that is proposed and counterproposed, in order that it may fulfill its duty toward American interests as a whole by seeing that its sanction is not

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invoked for any contractual arrangement between the American financiers and the foreign government which might on the one hand impose any obligation on this government in the carrying out of the contract, or which might, on the other hand, operate to the disadvantage of American citizens in the event of any occasion for international action in protection of their rights. If a satisfactory arrangement should be brought about between the parties directly in interest, it would have the acquiescence of this Department, but could not be responsibly assumed as invoking any executory obligation.

I might suggest that your course should be conservative. Aim to obtain impartial opportunity for any reputable American interests to present their proposals, but without personal advocacy of any one interest; avoid commitment of the Government to any plan; report the situation, by cable if necessary, and await instructions.

I return herewith the enclosures to your two notes now under acknowledgement, having first had copies made for the files.

With many kind regards, believe me, my dear Mr. Sands,

Very sincerely yours,


William F. Sands, Esquire,
Abbot Hill,
Wilton, New Hampshire.

P.S. To elucidate the attitude of the Department more fully I send you herewith a copy of a letter signed today and sent to Mr. Jennings on the subject of the Honduras loan. A.A.A.



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Letter From Alvey A. Adee to William F. Sands, September 4, 1909

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