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Alvey A. Adee, Henry A. Barnhart, F. A. Miller, General Carlos Garcia Velez, Cuba, South Bend Chamber of Commerce, Indiana


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Second Assistant Secretary of State to Henry A. Barnhart concerning information requested by F. A. Miller about a possible visit by General Carlos Garcia Velez.


Alvey A. Adee


Henry A. Barnhart

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Folder 1-8, Document 182


Washington, D.C.



August 10, 1909.

My dear Sir:

In the absence of Mr. Huntington Wilson from the city, I take the liberty of acknowledging the receipt of your confidential letter of August fourth, with which you transmit a communication received by you from Mr. F. A. Miller, of the South Bend Chamber of Commerce, South Band, Indiana, relative to the proposed visit of General Carlos Garcia Velez, the Cuban Minister, to South Bend as the guest of the Chamber of Commerce of that city.

It is to be regretted that the officials of this Department have not yet had sufficient opportunity to cultivate that ultra-confidential cordiality with General Garcia which their limited relations with him have led them to desire, and which would enable them gracefully to secure the information desired by Mr. Miller. As you will readily understand, this matter is one which could not be attended to in the same manner as purely official problems between the two Governments. After careful consideration, therefore, the Department

- 2 -

is obligated to admit its inability to be of any practicable assistance to Mr. Miller and the South Bend Chamber of Commerce in setting at ease any possible apprehensions which may exist as to the manner in which General Garcia's expenses are to be paid in the event that he favors the manufacturers of South Bend with a few remarks intended to promote the trade relations between them and the people of Cuba.

As Mr. Miller states that he has been informed of General Garcia's desire as above stated by "a young lawyer in this city" -South Bend -, who has talked with General Garcia on the subject, the suggestion is ventured that possibly the young lawyer referred to might be sufficiently intimate with the Minister to enable him to ascertain the views of the Minister in the matter.

I am, my dear Mr. Barnhart,

Yours very sincerely,


The Honorable Henry A. Barnhart, M.C.
Rochester, Indiana,

Letter of Mr. Miller returned.



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Letter From Alvey A. Adee to Henry A. Barnhart, August 10, 1909



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