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Terese I. de Prevost, Holy Cross Academy, Alsop & Company, Peru, Bolivia


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Assistant Secretary of State to Terese I. de Prevost concerning letters sent to his private residence about Department business.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Terese de Prevost

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-8, Document 172


Washington, D.C.


July 29, 1909.

My dear Madame:

In thanking you for your note of the 25th, with its kindly expression as to my being over the slight illness I lately had, I must take the occasion to beg you not to address to me at my house, or in personal notes, any remarks you may care to make as to official business at the Department. That portion of your note under acknowledgment which relates to the Alsop claim has been duly referred to the officials who have this matter in charge.

The letter which you addressed to my house, perhaps a fortnight ago, was, I fear, mislaid. If it contained anything of consequence pray address the Department on the subject.

I am, my dear Madame,

Yours very faithfully,


MMe. Terese I. de Prevost,
Holy Cross Academy,
1312 Massachusetts Avenue.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Terese de Prevost, July 29, 1909



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