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Joseph Winterbottom, Shelby Moore Cullom, Frank Hogers Mowrer, Copenhagen, Denmark, Genevieve Mowrer, Mrs. Poole, Lucy Wortham James


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from the Assistant Secretary of State to Joseph Winterbottom concerning the position of his son-in-law, Frank Mowrer, in the consular service.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Joseph Winterbottom

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-8, Document 157


Washington, D.C.


June 28, 1909.

My dear Sir:

In spite of the prostrating heat now prevailing in Washington, that most loyal of friends, Senator Cullom, again called at the Department this morning on behalf of your son-in-law, Mr. Mowrer, now Consul General at Copenhagen.

As a friend of Senator Cullom, to whom I myself am very devoted, I should like you to know that this makes at least half a dozen times that the Senator has called at the Department to urge for Mr. Mowrer such a transfer as you hope him to have.

The Department considers Mr. Mowrer's post a very good one and in the ordinary course there would be no particular reason for transferring him at this time, when he has been at Copenhagen only about two years. The whole matter has been explained very fully to the Senator and I, personally, explained it to Mr. Mowrer, with whom I have been agreeably acquainted, by the way, for many years and in whose career I take an additional interest because his wife is a sister of your daughter, Mrs. Poole, a schoolmate and dear friend of my wife's. The fact is that the Department is making all transfers and promotions with a single eye to the good of the service and the advancement of American interests, and the treatment of each individual officer is

Joseph Winterbottom, Esquire,
Charlotte, Vermont.


based accurately and absolutely upon his efficiency record. Your son-in-law quite understands all this, and like all the men who are seeking to make the foreign service a career, he is in entire sympathy with the policy of taking this service out of politics and running it upon a basis of impartiality and efficiency. It was not possible, in the recent general shift in the service, to transfer Mr. Mowrer, but I see no reason to doubt that within the next half year there may be found an opportunity to give him a suitable transfer. I today expressed this opinion to Senator Cullom and assured him of my interest to try so far as possible to bring about compliance with the wishes he has expressed.

I desire that you should know of the great efforts which Senator Cullom has been making and also of the views and the interest of the Department in the matter.

I am, my dear Mr. Winterbottom,

Yours very faithfully,




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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Joseph Winterbottom, June 28, 1909

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