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William Howard Taft, Philander C. Knox, Congressional budget, Commission on Economy and Efficiency


The document is a typed letter from William Howard Taft to Philander C. Knox asking for Knox's help in preparing a budget that will allow full functionality of Taft's Commission on Economy and Efficiency.


William Howard Taft


Philander C. Knox

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Beverly, Massachusetts



The White House

Beverly, Massachusetts,
October 20, 1912.

My dear Mr. Secretary:

I want to call your attention to the fact that I have committed myself, in a letter which I wrote criticizing some restrictive legislation attempted by the House of Representatives, to the work of submitting a proper form of budget by a special message to Congress. I write confidentially to ask you, therefore, to give your personal attention to this matter, and to see to it that my Commission on Economy and Efficiency are furnished every means possible, of which they will doubtless give full description, to enable them to prepare such a budget. I hope you will not allow your subordinates, through jealousy or any other motive, to criticise and interfere with the getting up of the data for such a budget. I have gone my full length in the matter, and loyalty to me, therefore, ought to require them to do everything they can to help me to vindicate the attitude I have taken.

Sincerely yours,


Hon. P. C. Knox,
Secretary of State.



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Letter From William Howard Taft to Philander C. Knox, October 20, 1912



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