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Payne-Aldritch Tariff Act, Germany, Charles Melville Pepper, John Ball Osborne, Wilbur John Carr


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from Huntington Wilson to the Secretary of State concerning the inclusion of a paragraph in the Payne-Aldritch Tariff Act and the impression that it will give to Germany.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Philander C. Knox

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-10, Document 9


Washington, D.C.


December 1, 1910.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

[Due to inclusion of paragraph]

Let x = German impression whether maximum will be used or not.

Let y = German impression whether something will be done or not.

Then x + y = whole German impression.

Let z = present German impression whether maximum will be used or not.

Let v = present German impression whether anything will be done or not

Then z + v = whole present German impression.

(z + v) +/- (x + y) = n. Is n greater than z + v? I think so.

Mr. Pepper is unconvinced.

Mr. Osborne and Mr. Carr agree with me.

Mr. Osborne and Mr. Pepper agree with me that the inclusion of the paragraph would be agreeable to the Americans interested.


(Insert at end of page 23)

There are, however, unfortunately instances where foreign governments deal arbitrarily with American interests within their jurisdiction in a matter injurious and inequitable. It might be in such a case that the Executive would feel [reluctantly] compelled in the discharge of his duty to disturb the whole commerce between this and another country by the imposition of the maximum tariff in order to right a wrong partial in its scope. For such cases and for the redress of economic wrongs having other bearings, whether or not in connection with purely tariff treatment, it would be much better if the Executive were armed with measures of retaliation less sweeping than the imposition of the entire maximum tariff. Legislation to this end would be useful in supplying the Executive with more convenient and less drastic means for the discharge of an undoubted duty.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Philander C. Knox, December 1, 1910



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