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American diplomacy, Far Eastern Policy, China, San Domingo, Mexico, Hague Convention, Felipe Pardo, Minister of Peru


The document is a typed letter from the Secretary of State to Huntington Wilson outlining a speech on American diplomacy and requesting materials to support and illustrate the proposed points of the speech.


Philander C. Knox


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-10, Document 21


Washington, D.C.


Department of State,
Washington, 20, May, 1910.

My dear Mr. Wilson:

I have decided that the subject of my speech shall be The Spirit and Purpose of American Diplomacy and the point being to bring out its altruism and unselfishness.

I would like Miller and Williams to prepare for me a few pages showing illustrations of this policy in the Far East and in that connection they can bring out as incidental for part of the background our long and uninterrupted commercial friendly relations with China, as set forth in the memorandum they prepared some time ago and as referred to in Einstein's book on American Diplomacy.

I want to pay a good deal of attention to our policy of American sodality. This gives us a chance to explain the San Domingo scheme, its nature, its operations and its beneficial effects. Also our attitude towards Cuba. In connection with San Domingo we can explain the Honduras scheme.

I would like to pay special attention to our efforts to further effect American sodality by generous reciprocal trade agreements. This gives me a chance at the proposed Canadian reciprocity. You might get Pepper to do a few pages on this, and then if anything is to be said about Mexico, our neighbor on the south, it would be well.

I think I would also be justified in referring to the recent mediation and its promise of closer American union. I believe it is the fact that this is the first time that the Hague Convention has been

- 2 -

availed of for such purposes. I am also told by the Peruvian Minister that it is the first time in the history of the Department of State that its action has prevented a war. Probably the only referred to and prospective war in South America.

The subject of the speech is one that almost anything is relevant to it and I will be glad of suggestions from any one in the Department or contributions illustrating the text.

Very sincerely yours,

Hon. Huntington Wilson,
Department of State.



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Letter From Philander C. Knox to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, May 20, 1910



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