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Peking, China, Jeremiah Whipple Jenks, Theodore Roosevelt, The Outlook, Japan, immigration, Jacob Henry Schiff


The document is a carbon copy of a typed letter from Huntington Wilson to the Secretary of State concerning updates on diplomacy in China and Japan.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Philander C. Knox

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-9, Document 23


Washington, D.C.


December 23, 1910.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Inclosed is a copy of a telegram to Peking (with two other telegrams as background). Please telegraph me tomorrow if you do not approve it. Otherwise I shall send it. I regret immediately interrupting your holiday, but you have given such exhaustive consideration to every detail of these Chinese negotiations that I hesitate to send this without submitting it, although as a matter of fact I think it merely rehearses positions already taken.

Professor Jenks is here and reports that Colonel Roosevelt has already drafted an Outlook editorial reaffirming his absurd theory that in return for Japan's amiable acquiescence in our exercise of our undeniable right to regulate immigration we should abandon the political and commercial position which we hold as of

The Honorable
Philander C. Knox,
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

- 2 -

right in Manchuria. Professor Jenks knows Colonel Roosevelt and the Outlook people very well and is going upon his own initiative to try to argue them out of this folly, incidentally pointing out that this queer theory is diametrically opposed to the diplomatic interests and the policy of the United States.

We also hear that Japan is in the market for a two hundred million dollar loan, it is surmised, for railway construction and that Schiff has been approached.

With renewed Christmas wishes to you and all the family, I remain,

Yours very sincerely,



Telegram, December
10, 5 p.m. to Peking.
Telegram, December
21, midnight, from Peking.
Draft telegram, December
23, to Peking.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Philander C. Knox, December 23, 1910



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