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Chin-Ai railway, Mr. Davidson, Novoye Vremya, Germany, Russo-Japanese Convention, Charles H. Sherrill, Charles Melville Pepper


The document is a copy of a typed letter from Huntington Wilson to the Secretary of State regarding the Chin-Ai railway project and other recent events at the Department of State.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


Philander C. Knox

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-9, Document 8


Washington, D.C.


July 23, 1910.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Herewith copy of Davidson's letter of July 15th and copy of a telegram to the Morgans from the London representative of the group touching on the Chin-Ai railway question and also memorandum of the remarks made by Mr. Miller in reply by telephone. You will note Davidson's great desire to confer with you. It occurs to me you may be able to let him see you in New York. It would be most unfortunate it seems to me if the group should either do anything precipitate or should lie down at the present time. I hope you may have occasion to administer them the proper medicine.

The enclosed despatch from Petersburg with an inspired article in the NOVOE VREMYA may be interesting.

Referring to the telegrams exchanged with Germany, which you will find in carbon copies, I enclose a draft acknowledgement to be sent mutatis mutandis to the Russian and Japanese Ambassadors in the matter of their transmission of the text of the Russo-Japanese Convention, also an instruction to the Embassy at Tokyo to enable our Ambassador

- 3 -

to take the same position as the German in his oral discussion. If you approve these and let me know the fact we will then dispatch them at once.

I return enclosed Mr. Burgwin's delightful speech. Pray excuse delay.

Having received your telegram stating that you will remain tonight at Spring Lake and possibly until Monday I send this letter to that address.

Very sincerely yours,

The Honorable P. C. Knox
Essex and Sussex Hotel,
Spring Lake, New Jersey.

P. S. I enclose also Pepper's comment on Sherrill's telegram in re Pan-American Ry.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to Philander C. Knox, July 23, 1910



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