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Secretary of Commerce and Labor, immigration, dependency, Sanitary Law, penalties, registration


An untitled draft bill on immigration, written by Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, dating from circa 1907. Within, new measures to ensure proper immigration are outlined.

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Sec. 9- All aliens, including those not otherwise provided for in this Act shall be registered upon entry into the U.S. and to those not otherwise provided for in this Act shall be issued certificates of their entry, setting forth particulars similar to those of the other certificates herein described. These certificates shall be taken up upon departure from the United States.

Sec. 10- That all aliens not otherwise provided for in this Act who are already resident in the U.S. at the date of their passage hereof shall within one year thereafter register and shall certificates of residence corresponding to those described in Sec- hereof. The penalty for failure to apply for such certificates shall be the same as provided in Sec-.



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Untitled Immigration Bill, 1907



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