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J. Reuben Clark, Philander Knox, William W. Handley, Callao, marriage, Lucille Powell


A handwritten letter to J. Reuben Clark from Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson dated March 11, 1916. Within, Wilson writes of Philander Knox's senatorial situation and his marriage to Lucille Powell.


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson


J. Reuben Clark

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-11, Document 5


Palm Beach, Florida


March 11, 1916

Dear Reuben,

[?] Knox writes me from Washington that the senatorial situation for him is entirely satisfactory. That is good: but I hope he will be “doped out” at that time in a manner to make his presidential candidacy seem the obvious thing it is. He says nothing of his flaws.

Handley, the C-G at Callao [Lima], says in a letter to me dated February 16th: - "Most of the Englishmen have left the country to fight, Guthrie having gone by the last steamer via New York.” Handley speaks of my re-marriage and even sends me a clipping on the subject which he had got by the previous mail. He had also received the word I had sent him from Reno. I wonder!?

Here we stop on at this delectable but horribly dear place. The swimming is fine and Lucille is making fine progress in the art as well as improving in health I think.

Our latest idea is to leave for Habana about Friday the 17th and to spend a week there and then to go via Nassau and Jacksonville to White Sulphur Springs to spend the first half of April there and then to look in at Washington - and then, what?

Yours ever,


P.S. Two wars seem pretty near now, don’t they, - thanks to “watchful waiting” and fearful fretting?


Written on Hotel Royal Poinciana stationery.



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Letter From Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson to J. Reuben Clark, March 11, 1916



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