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Huntington Wilson, questionnaire, commission, Military Intelligence Branch


A typed questionnaire for application to the Military Intelligence Branch General Staff, filled out by Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson sometime in September 1918. The questions cover such topics as employment history, family information, education and memberships in organizations.

Corresponds to:

Folder 2-17, Document 1


1) Huntington-Wilson 42

2) c/o Senator Knox 1537 K. St. N.W. Washington D.C.

a) Above address. Telephone number is Franklin, 1061

b) The Lincoln, 13th & Locust St., Philadelphia, Penn

3) December 15, 1875, Chicago, Illinois

a) Benjamin Mairs Wilson

b) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

c) American

e) Frances Huntington

f) Chicago, Illinois

g) American

4) American Born

5) Unmarried

6) B.A. Yale University (1897). Attended law lectures at the George Washington University Law School. Read and studied independently

a) Yes, pretty well

b) Practically, not at all now

c) Spanish, fairly well. Can speak colloquial Japanese fairly well

d) Academic and Law courses. My personal study has also included Russian history and literature and of course international law, diplomacy, economic, sociological, and political subjects, languages, etc.

7) (Official Register Dept. of state, 1913) Diplomacy: executive and organizing work (official) May 4, 1897- March 19, 1913. Editorial staff of the Philadelphia “Public Ledger”. Sept. 13, 1917- March 13, 1918. Published “Stultitia” in 1914 and “The Peril of Hifalutin” in June 1918- both on diplomatic, political social and economic matters and war preparedness. 1914 Traveled 10 months in South America for study. 1908, admitted to the Bar of the District of Columbia upon examination. For the rest, writing magazine articles, travel, and study have occupied my time.

8) No occupation just now. Studied Russian history and literature this summer. (With my small private income)(From real estate) is about $200 per month. During the past year increased $100 per week for six months from the “Public Ledger” Total net income for this year was about $4500.

11) Mrs Edith Huntington Wilson, 49 Boulevard de la Reine, Versailles, S and O, France (step-mother). Douglas St. G. Huntington, Elizabeth St. G. Huntington, Alonzo St. G. Huntington. 7 rue de Maurepas, Versailles, S and O, France (first cousins). Mrs. Stella Dyer Loring, 4600 Ellis Avenue, Chicago. Illinois (first cousin once removed)

12) Society of the Cincinnati, Society of Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, Loyal Legion; Bars of Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of the District of Columbia and of Illinois, Metropolitan and Cheery-Chase Clubs, Washington and Chicago Club, Chicago etc.

13) Yes. It was granted

15) Since April 1917 I have had an application pending for appointment as major in the Judge Advocate General’s department

16) I could report any time

17) None- 2 years at schools where there was military drill

20) No


Transcribed answers provided.



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Questionnaire for Applicant for a Commission, Military Intelligence Branch, General Staff, September 1918



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