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Spring 1910


Charles Richard Crane, Minister to China, resignation, Philander C. Knox, Thomas James O'Brien, Minister to Japan, William Woodville Rockhill, Minister to Russia, Far Eastern Division, William Howard Taft, Valley Forge, appendicitis


The document is a copy of a typed report concerning the Richard Crane incident. It covers why Charles Crane was chosen for the position of Minister from China and the instructional opportunities given to him in preparation. He had the chance to speak to the former Minister to China, new Minister to Russia, and Current Ambassador to Japan as well as a number of opportunities with the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of State. It relates the indiscreet manner of several of Mr. Crane's speeches, as well as the sharing of US intentions with the press in a delicate diplomatic situation, which was the central problem for the call for his resignation. The report also states that Mr. Crane maligned both the Secretary and Assistant Secretary by exaggerating possible slights.

Corresponds to:

Folder 1-7, Document 8


Washington, D.C.


This document is a draft version of a report on the Crane incident found in the same folder. It contains handwritten annotations throughout. See document 9.



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The Department of State and Charles R. Crane



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