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English politics, wealth, redistribution, public service, Huntington Wilson


A typed draft copy of a chapter for an unpublished book, America and the New Deal entitled, "American Politics", written by Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, dating from circa 1938.

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We have a saying that in this country it is "only three generations from shirt-sleeve to shirt-sleeve". Amazingly enough, this dictum has been used as a sort of boast of American opportunity, with an implication of rapid redistribution of wealth. We should rather consider the demoralizing example of the waster's course and the irresponsibility it represents. Wealth bestows power for good or evil. There is such a thing as too much opportunity if the standards of competition are low; and, what with that and with racketeering, too much of the power of wealth goes into hands that ignore the obligation.

To work well, democracy must be government through an aristocracy, in fact, an aristocracy of character, honor, and ability.



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American Politics, 1938



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