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Philander C. Knox, illness, Dorothy Dearing, Fred Morris Dearing, Japan


A handwritten letter from Dorothy Dearing addressed to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, dated March 4, 1921. Within, Dearing writes to update Wilson on the illnesses she and her husband are experiencing and urges Wilson to write to Philander Knox regarding a diplomatic post in Japan.


Dorothy Dearing


Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson

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Folder 1-12, Document 5


Hotel La Fayette

Dear Huntington

Have you written P. C. K.? I hope you have. It might be a good plan to write him again, as soon as you can, (that is if you care to), and say that Japan would be a post you would like; it being of great interest to you because of your understanding and knowledge of them and their country!

Please do this at once!

Fred was ill when I arrived here Tuesday, with a stomach attack. He is better now, was in bed only one morning. But the doctor has forbidden night-work and wants him to have plenty of sleep. What a pair we are!

I was ill Saturday after you left (Just because I said I felt well) with another of my attacks which left me very weak- but I managed to get down here; then finding Freddy in bed I managed to help him a bit (he was so dizzy) and phoned the doctor, by the time he got here 8:30. (9:30 for me and I'd had no dinner). I was simply overcome and ready to faint. Never have I been so furious with conditions. Furious with myself for being ill and not able to do what I wanted to. The doctor looked at me asked me to go to bed at once and sent in some medicine for me and said he’d come in to see me in the morning. The doctor made a very tactful statement, saying we were not a bit good for each other, that we were too much alike. I tried to explain that we never saw each other and then he tried to explain that he meant we no doubt worried about each other and so on.

We of course did not go to the reception, and I’m rather glad for they say at least 2,000 people were there and you know how I hate crowds! There seems to be plenty of things to do, and interesting people to meet so I hope I shall feel well and enjoy the few weeks I’m here. Is that selfish? Best to you from both of us.

As ever

Dorothy D.



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Letter From Dorothy Dearing to Francis Mairs Huntington-Wilson, March 4, 1921



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