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Germany, World War I, peace treaty, German government, armistice question, negotiation


An undated handwritten memorandum containing notes on conditions of armistice with Germany, written by Huntington Wilson likely in consultation with Philander Knox.

Corresponds to:

Folder 2-19, Document 5


United States Senate


1. Germany has accepted "terms" of January 8. and "principles of settlement" of other dates

2. Germany desires to discuss "details of their application"

3. This desire [is] comes from statesmen of Reichstag and big majority of Germans.

4. Germany has promised to obey humane rules of warfare on sea and land

President will take up with our allies the armistice question. But, only armistice must be one that would leave us able to enforce details that will follow from what Germany has accepted.

Because- Germany's [government] does not suit us.

Also, peace can be negotiated only with a German [government] that suits us.

With any other German [government] we can only impose, not-negotiable, peace conditions.

Germany will make a [government] that suits us, Then we will give a less onerous armistice and we will negotiate the peace settlement.



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Notes on Peace Conditions with Germany, Undated [1919]



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