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Spring 2024


In recent years, the resistance to women’s rights movements has started to shift from only being based on gender roles and has started to take root in insecurity and anxiety surrounding a dating life. This phenomenon has been further exacerbated with the advent and growth of the internet, where ideas are allowed to spread across the world rapidly which has created online forums where people known as incels gather.

In this paper, I ascertain that these online forums have a broad incel culture and community founded on victimhood and frustration and how they were formed as a consequence of a well-intended action, then investigate how language and terminology in various online spaces affect different incel cultures and how that language has created the “alpha/beta male”, “Chad”, “Stacy/Becky”, and “nice guy” stereotypes, and then examine how incel culture relates to broader issues such as mental health, violence against women, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism.


Third prize winner.



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