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Spring 2024


The antagonistic relationship between a mother and their unborn child creates the controversial topic of abortion. With massive moral implications and consequences associated, education on the laws and reasoning is significant to determine the direction of society. To analyze the ethics of abortion, the bioethical and metaphysical debate must be considered. With the former, the four principles of bioethics are used in healthcare practice to break down an ethical concern. On the metaphysical side, the life-status and rights of the fetus are acknowledged. With this topic, it is important not to argue in favor of one position, but instead have an open discussion so people can be informed about this prominent topic that has recently been brought back into light. Understanding the different points of view, whether it is the perspective of the health professional, society, fetus, and woman are important to take in account in order to completely dissect this dilemma.


Honorable mention winner.



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