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Vulnerable and marginalized populations face a series of risks and dangers throughout their daily lives. This is not simply limited to explicit forms of discrimination and hatred, but systemic forms of oppression and discrimination which limit those not belonging to more privileged and affluent socioeconomic or sociocultural groups. Community psychology operates as a means of analyzing how environmental and social factors impact specific demographic groups within a larger population and by extension the experience of mental health specific to these groups (Townley, Brown, & Sylvestre, 2018). In the application of this field, it is critical to understand the dynamics of systems of oppression and discrimination such as systems of poverty and how they directly impact the long-standing mental health and capability of those directly impacted by these systems. The intent of this research review is to analyze extant literature concerning the overall goals and future intent in the field of community psychology, as well as its impact on public health and systems of discrimination and poverty.


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