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Patrick Hurley


In the fall semester, the Forests and People class examined diverse human-forest interactions and how people find value within these ecosystems. To apply the lessons learned in class, student teams conducted four separate in-depth interviews with individuals who reside or work in forested areas to examine how these individuals define their relationship to local forests. The interview format encouraged open, personalized engagement between students and speakers, focusing on identifying ecological values and their importance in shaping forest management. This presentation focuses on an ARCgis storymap production composed of two selected interviews with individuals in western Oregon. One interview evaluated the significance of local forests through the eyes of Mrs. Sarah Altimus Pope, Executive Director of the Southern Willamette Forest Collaborative in Oakridge, Oregon. Her interview explores how the forest she grew up in connects to her work, lifestyle, and sense of community. The second interview examined sustainable forestry with Dave Eilser, of Shady Creek Forest Resources, who has owned and managed forest for over 40 years. His interview shares how his approach differs from the mainstream timber industry, his use of fire, response to climate change challenges, and what it takes to be a woodland owner in modern times.


Presented as part of the Ursinus College Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA) held April 22, 2021.

The downloadable file is a poster presentation with audio commentary.

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