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Meredith Goldsmith

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Rebecca Jaroff


Under the supervision of Meredith Goldsmith in the English Department, I spent this semester developing archival research projects for lower level students in the humanities. My project corresponded with the aims of the Council for Undergraduate Research, which works to develop undergraduate research skills throughout the disciplines. The Kislak Center is a nearby resource that has the potential to provide students with opportunities to develop crucial research skills while discovering little pieces of history that are hidden away in the archives. The final exercises presented here focus on the subjects of Walt Whitman, Marian Anderson, and Michel de Montaigne.


The primary downloadable file contains the following exercises:

  1. Getting to Know Whitman
  2. Calamus
  3. Whitman Through the Decades
  4. The Walt Whitman Bridge
  5. Marian Anderson Collection
  6. Montaigne's "Of Cannibals"
  7. "Of Cannibals" French Translation Exercise

Supplemental files include:

  1. Reflection Essay
  2. Presentation: "Preparing for the Archives"
  3. Presentation for the Celebration of Student Achievement (COSA) at Ursinus College

StrongReflectionEssay.docx (18 kB)
Reflection Essay

Preparing for the Archives Meghan Strong.pptx (2722 kB)
Slide Presentation: Preparing for the Archives

COSA Presentation Meghan Strong.pptx (894 kB)
Slide Presentation: COSA

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