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Kara McShane

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Matthew Kozusko

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Diane Amoroso-O'Connor

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Rebecca Jaroff

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This project examines and transcribes various understudied texts from the University of Aberdeen’s MS 123 in order to create a more complete picture of this manuscript. Chapter one looks at the “Sultan Letters” and “List of Kings,” two fictional texts discussing politics, and their evocation of crusades and travel romance genre conventions. The second chapter looks at the intersection of poetic form, vernacularity, gender, and religion in the poem “Modyr of Maries III” and excerpts from the Golden Legend. Finally, the third chapter examines two medical texts, “Diet & Bloodletting” and “32 Perilous Days,” for their conventionality, vernacularity, and relationship with gender. Altogether, these texts suggest that MS 123 is a miscellany highly characteristic of the time in which it was written.