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Fall 2023


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Faculty Mentor

Patricia Lott


ENGL-440W Black Satire


This skit, which satirically pretends to be elevator footage from the Papa Johns corporate office, follows Papa John and a black public relations employee. John Schnatter, who claimed (in a real 2018 press-release) to be trying to "remove the (N-word) from his vocabulary," is mockingly portrayed as a man trying to break an actual addiction, struggling to get through a single conversation without saying the word.

The sketch was written by Tyler Ways, directed by Sarah Fales, and filmed by Ze'ev Shaheen. It was edited by Sarah Fales and Ze'ev Shaheen. Papa John was played by Joseph Nolan. The PR employee was played by Tre Dunlap.


Originally performed as a part of Breakaway Student Productions, the final version was filmed as Sarah Fales' Senior English Capstone (ENGL-440W Black Satire).

The mp4 video has a run time of 3:35.

Also available as a supplemental file is a transcript of the sketch.

All rights reserved. This video is made available for educational purposes only and is not to be distributed for commercial use.

Papa_John_Tries_not_to_say_the_n-word.docx (15 kB)
Sketch Transcript