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Stephanie Mackler

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John Spencer

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This paper seeks to explore the place of social justice as a goal of education and to offer suggestions for teachers in implementing this goal into their classrooms. I argue that social justice is a necessary aim of education and lay out two main understandings of what precisely that aim demands. Specifically, I explore arguments regarding whether social justice education should prioritize granting marginalized students access to power through schooling or whether it should prioritize a more radical transformation of unjust systems. Ultimately, I argue for a need to further emphasize this latter goal, and I propose ideas for teachers looking to do so. These recommendations take the form of both content and practice suggestions. In crafting these arguments, I draw primarily on educational theorists and philosophers. I conclude by discussing examples of pre-existing programs that can be classified as providing a social justice education. These programs allude to the many possible forms that such an education can take, and further support my central claim that education is a necessary component for the pursuit of justice overall.