The Curtain Club's Closing Curtain


The Curtain Club's Closing Curtain


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Project Description

The Curtain Club was Ursinus' student theater organization that definitively originated in 1930, but it disappeared in 1968. During the same year, the club changed its name to "ProTheatre." By analyzing past articles from the Ursinus Weekly, Ruby yearbooks, diversity ratios among students, performances, and campus trends from the 1950s until 1968, we demonstrate that the name signifies Ursinus' focus on the transition into a more inclusive and democratic environment. Reorganizing the "Curtain Club" into "ProTheatre" signifies Ursinus' shift into being "pro-change."

Faculty Mentor

Kara McShane

Faculty Mentor

Lori Daggar

Publication Date

Fall 2018


digital humanities, history, Ursinus College, Curtain Club, ProTheatre, theater productions, playbills, diversity


Digital Humanities | Higher Education | Theatre History


Students involved in this project maintained blogs throughout the course of the semester. The following are links to the blog entries:

Sophia DiBattista

Joseph Makuc

The Curtain Club's Closing Curtain