Ursinus College Presidents: Past to Present


Ursinus College Presidents: Past to Present


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Project Description

Presidents are memorable figures in history, usually evoking change and progress during their term. This project details the lives and accomplishments of a select group of Ursinus College presidents who impacted and shaped the campus: John H.A. Bomberger, George L. Omwake, Richard P. Richter and John Strassburger.

Faculty Mentor

Kara McShane

Faculty Mentor

Susanna Throop

Publication Date

Fall 2017


digital humanities, history, Ursinus College, John H.A. Bomberger, George Leslie Omwake, Richard P. Richter, John Strassburger


Digital Humanities | Higher Education Administration | United States History


Students involved in this project maintained blogs throughout the course of the semester. The following are links to the blog entries:

Christopher Barthold

Matthew Sherman

Kayla Weil

Ursinus College Presidents: Past to Present