Myths and Legends of Ursinus College


Myths and Legends of Ursinus College


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Project Description

‘Myths and Legends of Ursinus’ is a project aimed at answering questions about how urban legends can characterize a specific location. Focusing on how the mythology came about, which stories still remain, and what they mean for the current Ursinus campus, we have explored the radioactivity labs of Pfahler, the vanishing Vietnam Peace Tree, and the many ghost stories that are still a part of campus life. Articles from The Grizzly and The Weekly, college catalogues, the college bulletin, physical site visits, and in-person interviews have helped us to create this exhibit, which introduces different ways of perceiving locations, includes analysis of the three subtopics from each team member, and provides a synthesis of ideas to answer the final question of why such legends are still relevant today.

Faculty Mentor

Kara McShane

Faculty Mentor

Susanna Throop

Publication Date

Fall 2017


digital humanities, history, Ursinus College, urban legends, ghost stories, Pfahler Hall, sealed laboratories, radioactivity, Tree of Life, Vietnam War, moratorium, Clamer Hall, Shreiner Hall, Hobson Hall, haunted places


Cultural History | Digital Humanities | Folklore | Social History | United States History


Students involved in this project maintained blogs throughout the course of the semester. The following are links to the blog entries:

Giselle Horrell

Leah Jarvis

Catherine Urbanski

Myths and Legends of Ursinus College