Escape Velocity Dance Company Presents: Emerge



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Escape Velocity is a student run dance company that provides students the opportunity to choreograph for, dance in, and/or produce performances for the Ursinus College community throughout the year. This program, "Emerge," consists of ten individual pieces.

"Firelight" was choreographed by Elizabeth Kandler and performed by Elizabeth Kandler, Kalina Witkowska, and Alexa Alessandrini.

"Always" was choreographed by Kathryn Bjorklund and performed by Bailey Hann, Sarah Bell, Kathryn Bjorklund, Jackie Henigan, Megan DePaul and Rileigh Klein.

"Movement" was choreographed by Kalina Witkowska and performed by Angelina Mazza, Elizabeth Kandler, Samirah Deshields, Taylor Tobin and Kalina Witkowska.

"Everybody" was choreographed by Mo’Dayna Hercules and performed by Mo’Dayna Hercules and Azari.

"Bruises" was choreographed by Jackie Henigan and Raeann Risko and performed by Raeann Risko, Jackie Henigan, Bailey Hann, Sarah Bell, Carly Rodriguez, Rileigh Klein, Elizabeth Kandler and Maia Michalashvili.

"Childhood Theme Song Mashup" was choreographed by the Escape Velocity Executive Board and performed by Amanda Paul, Emmy Selfridge, Gabby DeMelfi, Jess Doorly, Mariah Lesh, Carly Rodriguez, Angelina Mazza, Mary Fuchs, Shira Levin, Raeann Risko, Jackie Henigan, Rileigh Klein and Megan D.

"Cannon in D" was choreographed by Chelsea Stitt and performed by Jackie Henigan, Raeann Risko, Kathryn Bjorklund and Elizabeth Kandler.

"One with the Wind" was choreographed by Kevin Harris II and performed by Kalina Witkowska.

"When I was Older" was choreographed by Shira Levin and performed by Jackie Henigan, Taylor Tobin and Raeann Risko.

"Closing Time" was choreographed by Jackie Henigan and performed by Angelina Mazza, Megan DePaul, Rileigh Klein, Raeann Risko, Kathryn Bjorklund, Jackie Henigan and Elizabeth Kandler.

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Spring 2021

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The downloadable video is an .m4V file with a run time of 32:28.

A program with additional details is also available as a supplemental file in PDF format.

Escape Velocity Dance Company Presents: Emerge


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