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Why is it that different governments in the OECD support sustainable energy at different rates? In the effort to explain this difference, Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) will be closely examined to see if it can explain the significant portion of the variation among countries. This project serves as a continuation of previous scholars' works, to better understand the variation between countries in adopting renewable energy, even though all members of the OECD have pledged that by 2030 half of their energy will come from sustainable energy. Whereas previous research considered data ending in 2012 and looked at countries outside of the OECD, this project examines changes in FITs and renewable energy among only OECD countries from 2000 to 2020, examining recent changes toward more sustainable energy policies.


Included as a supplemental file is an excel spreadsheet of OECD data in long format.

An additional supplemental file contains code script in R language, viewable in a plain text editor or RStudio.

OECD data in long format.xlsx (129 kB)
Excel spreadsheet

Honors Thesis Code Script 3.R (26 kB)
R Code script