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Business & Economics


Bernard F. Lentz

Department Chair

Harry C. Symons

Project Description

Patronage politics and government behavior, in general, lend themselves to economic model building and empirical analysis. They both require human processes to function. They are human institutions - shaped and molded by people. Because human beings are so vital a part of government and the behavior of decision-makers within that institution, assumptions of self-interest and the rational man lead to important implications which are necessary to the understanding and reshaping of government in order for it to work for the "common good." Only by understanding the framework of government and presenting an accurate picture of human behavior within that framework can we begin to predict the consequences of people's actions in real-life situations.

The author of this paper attempts to increase our understanding of government behavior by predicting the consequences of patronage and political behavior on wage determination in the public sector.


Submitted to the Faculty of Ursinus College in fulfillment of the requirements for Honors in Economics and Business Administration.