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Jennifer Round


Presented during the 20th Annual Summer Fellows Symposium, July 20, 2018 at Ursinus College.

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Building off of collegiate research performed during the summer of 2018, this lesson plan outlines a lab for secondary students using yeast. Yeast is an affordable and convenient organism to introduce to secondary education, and students can learn a lot about biology through it. Essentially, the goal of the lab is for students to explore the effects of certain substances on the growth of yeast. While content is emphasized, this lesson plan also looks to build students’ understanding of science in general as well as proper laboratory skills and technique. In addition, it pushes students in their thinking as they tackle primary scientific literature and work to communicate their findings effectively. For Pennsylvania, we must begin to focus our science curriculum onto the many steps of practicing science instead of only the content. Through this lesson plan, students tackle novel problems and expand their thinking abilities all while working with the model organism of yeast.

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