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Katie Merz, 2020 Artist-in-Residence, and Deborah Barkun, BMA Creative Director, discuss the process of creating the Ursinus smokestack mural, which commemorates the UC Class of 2020 and the events of this year on the UC community.

Katie Merz’s Live the Questions documents the memories and stories of Class of 2020 alumni—who departed campus unexpectedly and without opportunity for closure or commemoration—and current students—in a frieze of images that winds around the Facilities Building smokestack from base to top. Merz’s dynamic mural features iconography derived from a research phase, during which Class of 2020 alumni and current students shared stories, questions, histories, and memories, and reflected on the critical events of 2020.

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Katie Merz, Ursinus College, smokestack, Class of 2020, Brooklyn, mural, graphic translation


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Presented as part of the Ursinus Fringe Festival, a diverse, vibrant and exciting four-day event that brings cutting-edge, experimental performances and visual arts to campus featuring professional, student and faculty artists sharing their latest theater, dance, music, film and visual art works.

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Smokestack Chat With Katie Merz