This course invites students to be part of telling and shaping the history of Ursinus College through digital media. The beginning of the course will introduce students to the digital humanities and a variety of digital history projects. Then, the majority of the semester will be devoted to the collaborative design, pitch, construction, and public dissemination of digital group projects based on materials from the Ursinusiana Archives. During the semester, guest speakers will share their own experience with digital/public history and provide feedback on the students’ works in progress. In completing the course, students will examine the ethical and practical considerations of access to technology and digital literacy, especially questions of open access; become familiar with a range of technologies used in academic, non-profit, and business contexts; begin developing their own individual professional digital presence (and a portfolio to accompany it); develop their knowledge of and pride in the history of Ursinus; and give back to their own Ursinus community. This course is part of the IMPACT curriculum supported by the U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies.


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