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The goal of Green Wheels, presented by Caitlin Cunnane, is to aid the next generation in finding innovative ways to effectively use existing space to grow organic food. An electric-powered truck provides live demonstrations of hydroponics and vertical farming, educating the community and delivering fresh produce samples.


Presented as part of the 10th annual Bear Innovation Competition.

The downloadable video file has a run time of 6:17. Also available as a supplemental file are the PowerPoint slides of this presentation.

U-Imagine Student Ambassadors: Joe Shapiro and Tyler Griffith.

Entrepreneur in Residence: Maureen Cumpstone

Judges: Jen Cohen Crompton ‘05, President/Owner, Something Creative, Matthew Knowles '17, of Knowles Associates Insurance Consultants and Rob Gilfillan ’91, Co-Founder and President, Cenero.

Founding Directors: Rebecca Jaroff and Carol Cirka

Sponsors: Will Abele, Class of 1961, Cenero, Margaritas2U and Silverback Investment Partners

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PowerPoint Presentation