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Combining their passions for non-profits and entrepreneurship, Nick Francois and Sung Kim presented their clothing company Why So Curious? WSC is a unique brand that puts QR codes on clothing and, once scanned, will take you to various non-profit websites in an attempt to increase awareness about these organizations.


Presented as part of the 9th annual Bear Innovation Competition.

The downloadable video file has a run time of 7:30. Also available as a supplemental file are the PowerPoint slides of this presentation.

U-Imagine Student Ambassadors: Manning Smith and Joe Shapiro.

Entrepreneur in Residence: Maureen Cumpstone

Judges: Jen Cohen Crompton ‘05, President/Owner, Something Creative, Chris Biddle ‘85, Chief Executive Officer, BCG Alpha and Rob Gilfillan ’91, Co-Founder and President, Cenero.

Keynote speaker: Lee Griffith ’98, Founder, Margaritas-2U.

Founding Directors: Rebecca Jaroff and Carol Cirka

Sponsors: Will Abele, Class of 1961, Cenero, Insomnia Cookies, and Clean Juice

4. WhySoCurious.pptx (32207 kB)
PowerPoint Presentation