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Sara Samimi showed just how scarce resources for visual learners are. Her solution is Verita, a startup website for visual learners to improve their education and help students retain information with interactive, 3D models.


Presented as part of the 9th annual Bear Innovation Competition.

The downloadable video file has a run time of 9:36. Also available as a supplemental file are the PowerPoint slides of this presentation.

U-Imagine Student Ambassadors: Manning Smith and Joe Shapiro.

Entrepreneur in Residence: Maureen Cumpstone

Judges: Jen Cohen Crompton ‘05, President/Owner, Something Creative, Chris Biddle ‘85, Chief Executive Officer, BCG Alpha and Rob Gilfillan ’91, Co-Founder and President, Cenero.

Keynote speaker: Lee Griffith ’98, Founder, Margaritas-2U.

Founding Directors: Rebecca Jaroff and Carol Cirka

Sponsors: Will Abele, Class of 1961, Cenero, Insomnia Cookies, and Clean Juice

6. Verita_Samimi_2023_Bearinnovation_Final.pptx (2276 kB)
PowerPoint Presentation