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Raised by immigrant parents, Mekha Varghese has been given the opportunity to connect with her culture in a unique way through the arts. Seeing what an important role this has played in her life, Mekha has set out to create a space where others can experience the same connection as well as education that she was able to receive. Shepherd’s Theatre offers communities a safe platform to express their own cultures and traditions. Incorporating a theater, community center, and a marketplace, Shepherd’s Theatre would be a cultural epicenter for all communities.


Presented as part of the 8th annual Bear Innovation Competition. This year’s theme was ‘Meeting the Moment: Unique Ideas that Are Needed to Solve Problems and Build a Better World.”

The downloadable video file has a run time of 7:05. Also available as a supplemental file are the PowerPoint slides of this presentation.

U-Imagine Student Ambassador: Manning Smith

Entrepreneur in Residence: Maureen Cumpstone

Judges: Jen Cohen Crompton ‘05, President/Owner, Something Creative, Chris Biddle ‘85, Chief Executive Officer, BCG Alpha, Brandon Dowd ’18, Publisher, Middletown Media, and Amy Pawloski, President, Strategic Versatility.

Keynote speaker: Quentin Altemose ’18, CEO/Founder, Spirochete Brewing Inc.

Founding Directors: Rebecca Jaroff and Carol Cirka

Sponsor: Will Abele, Class of 1961

Special thanks to Rob Wrzesniewski ’91, Head of Global Private Banking Solutions at SEI for his loyal support of the U-Imagine Center.


Ready-Set-Go Prize #2 Winner of $1000

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PowerPoint Presentation