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After noticing the problems with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, Sung Kim has set out to develop an atmosphere cleansing device that will aid in the ridding of CO2 from our air. Project Green Plane is an ambitious idea that involves attaching a direct air capturing device to commercial planes to collect carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This collected gas will then be taken and, through a process called artificial photosynthesis, turned into hydrogen fuel.


Presented as part of the 8th annual Bear Innovation Competition. This year’s theme was ‘Meeting the Moment: Unique Ideas that Are Needed to Solve Problems and Build a Better World.”

The downloadable video file has a run time of 7:27. Also available as a supplemental file are the PowerPoint slides of this presentation.

U-Imagine Student Ambassador: Manning Smith

Entrepreneur in Residence: Maureen Cumpstone

Judges: Jen Cohen Crompton ‘05, President/Owner, Something Creative, Chris Biddle ‘85, Chief Executive Officer, BCG Alpha, Brandon Dowd ’18, Publisher, Middletown Media, and Amy Pawloski, President, Strategic Versatility.

Keynote speaker: Quentin Altemose ’18, CEO/Founder, Spirochete Brewing Inc.

Founding Directors: Rebecca Jaroff and Carol Cirka

Sponsor: Will Abele, Class of 1961

Special thanks to Rob Wrzesniewski ’91, Head of Global Private Banking Solutions at SEI for his loyal support of the U-Imagine Center.


Third Place Winner of $1500

6 - GreenPlane-Seongchan Kim.pptx (1319 kB)
PowerPoint Presentation