"To Deal"

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Sarah Kaufman

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Deborah Barkun

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Cari Freno

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Abby Kluchin

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Deborah Barkun

Project Description

My objective in beginning this series was to, quite simply, deal with personal issues. I wanted to begin to dissect and make sense of my experiences through critical understanding of the different internal and external social pressures I was feeling. I did so by creating a series of life-size objects referencing and conflicting with both my own and other’s bodies in space. These objects in their scene have taken on a life of their own that places them in a dialogue beyond just my own experience, furthering to allow for other’s experiences to be reflected as well. The result was an immersive environment of a private scene in a public platform (in this case the Berman Museum of Art) that vies with a participant-viewer for their own space. I feel as though this ongoing process of dealing through art has been helpful for me and for many in my audiences as I visually and conceptually work through social constructs, hierarchies, and systems.


The Student Achievement in Research and Creativity Committee funded my studio practice for the Spring 2015 semester.