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Fall 2015


Archival pigment print of Jennifer Kuklentz, measuring 16x20 inches.

This project was made possible with the support of a Civic Engagement Grant from the Ursinus Center for Advocacy, Responsibility and Engagement (UCARE).

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If there is one word to describe Jennifer Kuklentz, it’s bubbly. She admits most people have called her such, and within a minute of meeting her for the first time, I have to agree. A Pennsylvanian, born and bred, perhaps her “bubbliness” and friendly disposition stems from the close-knit communities that seem to define this area. After all, one of her favorite aspects of working at Ursinus is how it’s akin to being in a big family – complete with that one crazy uncle. She also cites her role as a Girl Scout leader for ten years as an experience that has shaped her profoundly, forming great friendships and fostering a love for nature in young girls. Jennifer has a highly adventurous side, always willing to see new places and try new things (including hang-gliding!). She also likes to wind down in the gazebo in her backyard, reading Regency-era romance novels. Being the primary setting for her favorite books, Europe is high on her bucket list – especially the castles.

The location for the portrait was rather spontaneous, but summed her up perfectly. We visited Skippack Bridge in Evansburg State Park, a historic stone arch bridge originally built in 1792. It was the first time for both of us, and we immediately started exploring, eventually finding ourselves under the bridge. Jennifer impressively navigated her way onto a large rock, wearing a pair of flats no less, and sat down to look across the river, reflecting bright colors from the sunlight. It was a pensive moment, but with the unusually warm winter day, the atmosphere beautifully echoed multiple facets of Jennifer’s personality. She instantly creates a very light atmosphere, as she tells me she can make both eyebrows go up and down simultaneously and shows her knowledge of pop culture by expressing her love for Supernatural and doing the Vulcan sign. It’s probably best said in her own words of advice: “Don’t sweat the laugh lines because they are there for a reason.”


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student art, 2015, documentary photography, Ursinus College, staff, portrait, photograph, archival pigment print


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