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Creation Date

Fall 2015


Archival pigment print of Colleen Grzywacz, measuring 16x20 inches.

This project was made possible with the support of a Civic Engagement Grant from the Ursinus Center for Advocacy, Responsibility and Engagement (UCARE).

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A loving family and a deep connection to nature are two of the most fulfilling things that one can have in life. Luckily for Colleen Grzywacz, she has both. A grandmother of two, soon to be three, beautiful children, she always knew that having a family would be a key aspect of her life. Now that it is, she wouldn’t give it up for anything. Being a mother and grandmother has shaped her into a patient, understanding, selfless, and kind woman. It has allowed her to see life through a different lens, with the realization that judging people without knowledge of their past or present is unfair. Friends and family are always welcome in her home.

As for nature, Colleen loves to hunt, fish, garden, camp, and relax in her backyard. There is just so much to see and appreciate, and in Colleen’s own words, “It’s never the same any time you step out there. The sun, moon, stars, clouds, garden, pond, critters, flowers, birds flying around and singing and feeding- the list goes on and on.” She wanted to visit the National Parks when she was younger, and now her backyard trails the edge of about 130 acres of the Evansburg State Park woodland.

Colleen has worked at Ursinus for 6 years and is the administrative assistant for MCS, Art & Art History, and Film Studies. From her office in Ritter, she is able to interact with faculty, staff, and students on a daily basis, and enjoys the task of making decisions that improve everyone’s experiences on campus.

So what does Colleen’s future hold? Countless trips and family vacations are definite possibilities: Disneyland, an all-inclusive island resort, national parks, and many others are some of the adventures she wants to have. But for now, she’s taking comfort in her family, the outdoors, and life’s small everyday miracles.


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student art, 2015, documentary photography, Ursinus College, staff, portrait, photograph, archival pigment print


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