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We are pleased to present the inaugural edition of the Senior Capstone Gallery Guide, a collaboration between the graduating Studio Art and Art History Majors. This publication and the exhibition it accompanies celebrate the achievements of the Department's Class of 2015.


This guide contains the following senior research abstracts:

Generative Contradiction: A Negation of Static Image in the Art of Heather Cassils by Rachel Bonner

Progressing through Art Education: How and Where the Progressive Educational Movement Influences Urban School Art Programs by Ann Crowley

Isabella D'Este and the Role of Renaissance Women Patrons by Camille Didier

Inspired Images: Georgia O'Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz's Collaborative Photographs by Jack Meyer

Women are Heroes: Fostering Social Justice Dialogue through Street Art Narratives by Kim Quintero

Israeli Art: Discovering the Berman's Hidden Treasure by Olivia Z. Schultz