The Mill at Anselma Oral History Project

An Interview with Amy and Will Shaw


Amy Shaw
Will Shaw


Morgana Olbrich



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Faculty Mentors

Susanna Throop and Johanna Mellis


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This interview features a volunteer couple named Amy and Will Shaw who have each been involved with the Mill at Anselma since 2003. Together, they discuss the ins and outs of volunteering and working at the Mill, as well as, the changes that have been made since they arrived. In addition, the Shaw’s discuss what it is like to interact with the Board of Trustees in a non-profit community and the changes they hope to be made in the future. Mr. Shaw goes into detail about all of the millers who lived at Anselma, as well as, the Mill’s most well-known poet, Sara Louise Vickers. The Shaws also take time to discuss their favorite memories at the Mill and why it should be remembered and visited by the community. Mr. Shaw also completed a walking tour of the Mill at Anselma entitled the Mill at Anselma Walking Tour.

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Chester Springs


Mill at Anselma, volunteering, non-profit, Board of Trustees, oral history, Chester Springs, Sarah Oberholtzer, Sarah Louisa Vickers, gristmill, grain, milling, colonial era, executive director, chairmen, couple, Pennsylvania, Chester County, West Pikeland county, local, feed mill, mill, living history, 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, 2000s, historical site, united states history, historic preservation, conservation, politics, small organization, married couple, marriage, 18th century, 19th century, 20th century, 21st century


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This interview was funded by the Abele Family Foundation and conducted at the Mill at Anselma.

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An Interview with Amy and Will Shaw