The Mill at Anselma

The Mill at Anselma

The Mill at Anselma, a historic site featuring an intact 18th century grist Mill, sits on 22 acres in historic Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. In 2019, two Ursinus College interns funded by the Abele Family Foundation began a project to digitally document information about the Mill. These projects, one focusing on a historical figure, Sara Louisa Oberholtzer, and the other on the contemporary players at the Mill, including its board and volunteers, will be hosted here as a resource for scholars and the public. Our hope is that the Ursinus Digital Commons can continue to host relevant and academically important information about the Mill at Anselma for a wide audience.

The Board of Trustees of the Mill at Anselma wishes to thank the Abele Family Foundation for its generous funding for this project, Andy Prock, Scholarly Communications & Metadata Librarian, for his technical assistance, Drs. Susanna Throop and Ed Onaci, for their academic guidance, all those tapped to help in various portions of the project, and of course our interns, Morgana Olbrich and Tiffini-Amber Eckenrod, for their dedicated work in the summer of 2019.


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